DIRE Warning (please read this)

There is less prayer and more sin than ever before. Thus it is we who have given great power to the forces of evil. THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS NO LONGER ARE ABLE TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THE BEAUTIFUL LIES OF THE MASS MEDIA AND THE TRUTH WHICH TRULY SETS US FREE (Jn 8:32) now and for all eternity! For most people today, the truth comes from the highly controlled TV instead of from God Who is the Truth (Jn 14:6). After centuries of struggle and wars to acquire some freedom in Italy, the Italians, with the help of very misleading manipulations of the mass media, voted for dictatorship on September 20, 2020; Italy is no longer a democracy! NOW AMERICANS WILL LOSE THE FREEDOMS THAT HAVE BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE MANY SACRIFICES AND BLOOD of many Americans of the past! Putin, well updated about the massive electoral fraud, refuses to recognize Biden as the PRESUMED president elect. Putin also indicated recently that if Biden is accepted as president, the atomic bombs of Russia are ready because Russia is not a friend of Masonry and the NW0! Our Lady of Fatima indicated that just as God used other nations to bring back unfaithful Israel in the Old Testament, so too God will use Russia to bring back many to God by way of a great chastisement. The proud leaders of the NW0 believe they can easily defeat Russia!?!After years of patient work, when this new world dictatorship will be ready and out in the open (which I believe will be in April 2021 and will last 1290 days (Dan 12:11; Mt 24:15)), it will be far worse than any dictatorship in the history of the world! Two approved apparitions in Brazil (Edson Glauber and Anguera) indicate that it will become much worse after the death of Pope Benedict XVI. The very numerous followers and puppets of Satan today, even though they did not create themselves by themselves, THEY DO NOT SEEK TO DISCOVER WHO CREATED THEM SO AS TO THANKGOD AND LOVE GOD. They live like animals with no responsibility for their actions and thus they do not believe that their choices will have eternal consequences now and for all eternity. The Truth and reality are from the Creator, not from the creatures. Even if one does not believe that hell exists, one cannot commit suicide in hell! Life is short! Let us pray and live our prayer so as to get to heaven for eternity with the one third of humanity today which will be saved in this period after the purification by fire (Zech 13:7-9) in this purification of the world and of the Church (CCC 675-677)!God has chosen “the HANDMAID of the Lord” (Lk 1:38), Mary, His Immaculate Mother, to crush the PROUD head of the ancient serpent and his followers (Gen 3:15), and to be the General with “twelve stars” in this cosmic battle against the “great red dragon” (Rev 12:1-3)! Our Lady continually tells us to consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and LIVE this consecration of obedience and total trust in our heavenly Mother. “This is the moment for all to take refuge in me, because I am the Ark of the New Covenant. At the time of Noah, immediately before the flood, those whom the Lord had destined to survive his terrible chastisement entered into the ark. In these your times, I am inviting all my beloved children to enter into the Ark of the New Covenant which I have built in MY IMMACULATE HEART for you, that they may be assisted by me to carry the bloody burden of the great trial, which precedes the coming of the day of the Lord.”(“To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”; http://our-lady-priests.blogspot.it/; July 30, 1986; March 15, 1993).If you might like to use the Consecration formula to the Immaculate Heart of Mary used in the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP), visit: http://our-lady-priests.blogspot.it/2015/10/our-lady-priests-appendix.html.SAINT PADRE PIO said: “It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do so without the HOLY MASS.” This saint also said: “The ROSARY is the weapon for these times”! A good confession (a Sacrament) is more powerful than an exorcism (a sacramental)!“THE REAL REASON MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS FALSELY PUSHING NARRATIVE THAT BIDEN IS ‘PRESIDENT ELECT’”Media rushing the transition of ‘President’ Biden is phase II of a massive coup attemptNov 11, 2020https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/the-real-reason-mainstream-media-is-falsely-pushing-narrative-that-biden-is-president-electFather Joseph Dwighthttps://josephdwight.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/joseph-dwight-index/Father Joseph Dwight Don Jo (Joseph) Dwight – – – – – – – If you would like to see the other web sites and articles of Rev. Joseph Dwight, go to any of my …JOSEPHDWIGHT.WORDPRESS.COMJoseph Dwight IndexFather Joseph Dwight Don Jo (Joseph) Dwight – – – – – – – If you would like to see the other web sites and articles of Rev. Joseph Dwight, go to any of my …Father Joseph Dwight Don Jo (Joseph) Dwight – – – – – – – If you would like to see the other web sites and articles of Rev. Joseph Dwight, go to any of my …

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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

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