Reflection 71: Our Littleness and Nothingness (RE-blogged)

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It is a grace from God to see ourselves as we are.  And what will we see if we see ourselves this way?  We will see our misery and nothingness.  At first, this may not be all that desirable.  It may even seem contrary to the dignity we have in Christ.  But that’s the key.  Our dignity is “in Christ.”  Without Him, we are nothing.  We are misery and nothingness by ourselves (See Diary #256).

Today, do not be offended or afraid to acknowledge your “nothingness.”  If it does not sit well with you at first, beg God for grace to see yourself as you are without Him.  You will quickly see that without our divine Savior, you are truly miserable in every way.  This is the starting point to a deep gratitude in that it allows you to more fully realize all that God has done for you.  And when you see this, you will rejoice in the fact that He has come to meet you in this nothingness and has lifted you high to the dignity of His precious child.

Lord, may I see my misery and wretchedness this day.  May I come to understand that without You I am nothing.  And in that realization, help me to become eternally grateful for the precious gift of becoming Your dear child in grace.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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