Still watching the Mass online? Here’s a missal for you


Fred de Noyelle

Oregon Catholic Press has published a missal for those who can’t attend Mass in person.

The Catholic publisher OCP — Oregon Catholic Press — is introducing a way to help keep parishioners actively engaged in the Mass and their parish, even if the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping them at home.

OCP has launched the Parishioner Personal Missal Program, whereby members of a parish have the opportunity to purchase their own personal missal. “This promotes safe and active participation in the liturgy, while at home and in church,” the publisher announced. OCP added that it is also a way to raise money in support of the parish’s ministry.

Since the pandemic began, regular church services have not returned to the state they enjoyed prior to March 2020. Even after opening churches again for public worship, bishops have continued to implement restrictions meant to slow down or stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Most still have dispensed with the normal obligation that Catholics attend Mass on Sundays and holy days.

And while some people have returned to church, many — particularly those at a higher risk of catching the virus — continue to avoid gatherings of people.

OCP is a not-for-profit music publisher and provider of worship resources such as Breaking BreadToday’s MissalUnidos en Cristo/United in ChristHeritage Missal and more.

“OCP is partnering with parishes across the country to support their aim of keeping their parishioners safe during the COVID-19 threat, while at the same time remaining fully engaged in the liturgical life of their parish communities,” says Wade Wisler, OCP Publisher. “The reality is that many parishioners are particularly vulnerable to the harshest effects of the virus, and consequently aren’t able to attend liturgy. Instead, they are trying to stay connected at home through livestreamed Masses and other virtual liturgical celebrations. This personal missal program provides them — and those who may be able to attend in-person liturgies — with worship aids that will sustain them during this unprecedented time when the sharing of common resources is understandably discouraged.”

Filled with readings, psalms, prayers, the Order of Mass and hundreds of songs, a personal missal allows the faithful to maintain their spiritual connection to the Church, despite physical separation

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