God’s Angels Defend Us in Battle

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By Carol Monaco

God our Father gave His angels this command—to guard us wherever we go [Psalm 91:11]. Truly, God’s angels are among us to defend us in battle as we face the devil’s temptations in our daily living. Given what we endure each day and not knowing what the future holds, we need all the help we can get!

Angels are servants and messengers of God. They protect us from traps we cannot see. God’s angels assure us as we try to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, proclaiming the greatness of our Lord. Our protectors help us to take courage in knowing God’s healing is near; human resources alone cannot make us whole. Among the angels that God sends for our sake, the Scriptures name three Archangels.

Saints Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael

When war broke out in Heaven, St. Michael and his angels battled the dragon (who is called the devil and Satan) [Rev 12:7–9]. The devil preys upon our faith, hope, and love. It injects temptation into our lives that leads to doubt, despair, and spiritual sloth, separating us from God and from one another. Therefore, we pray to St. Michael to protect us against the wickedness and snares of the devil so that we do not fall into its evil grasp.

“Do not be afraid” [Luke 1:30]—that is the message the angel Gabriel gave to the Blessed Virgin Mary—assurance and  comfort also meant for each of us. As St. Gabriel said, “The Lord is with you” [Luke 1:28]. So when we open our heart and mind, body and soul, and say yes to God’s call, we are united with the Holy Trinity. Take courage, the Spirit of the Lord lives in each of us. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, called to share the love of God through our daily lives. Therefore, may we never doubt St. Gabriel’s proclamation: “for nothing will be impossible for God” [Luke 1:37].

The merciful love of God is our healing and ultimate salvation. Consider the Old Testament’s Book of Tobit. St. Raphael (known as the Medicine of God) guided Tobit’s son Tobiah. On this journey, St. Raphael gave medicine to Tobiah to apply to his father’s eyes; “then your father will have sight again and will see the light of day” [Tobit 11:8]. St. Raphael shows us with God’s healing, we see our Lord’s love and mercy, giving us the light of life for our daily journey.

Together as One

Remember: when we attend Mass, we ask the Blessed Mary, all the angels and saints, as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray for us to the Lord our God. In our healing, we come together as a community; we become one with God’s love. What’s more, we join the angels and saints, giving praise and thanks to God.

So no matter what we experience that could lead us to doubts, despair, and ultimately our destruction—the devil’s grasp—be assured that God’s angels are in our midst. Let us call on them. They help us to be not afraid and to see that we are not forsaken. Together, and in unity with the Holy Trinity, we will win the battles we face. God’s love will prevail. Thanks be to God!

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