The Catholic Church is everywhere, really. (Re-blogged)

The Catholic Church
is everywhere, really.

Her footprints and fingerprints
can be found all over the world
and throughout history.

You can’t even drink
a cappuccino to escape her.


After all, the word cappuccino
comes from the brown habits
worn by Franciscan friars.

(The hood was referred
to as the cappuccio.)


Nope, you can’t even claim
that science contradicts her.

How about the
Big Bang theory.

You might be surprised to know
that this theory was first proposed by
a Catholic priest, Fr. Georges Lemaître,
although it was later misattributed
to Edwin Hubble.


Fr. Georges suggested that God may
have created the universe through a
“Big Bang,” or what he called the
“expansion of the universe.”

Fr. Georges Lemaître

The secular world benefits from the Church
on a daily basis without even knowing it.

For example, even though none of us want
to be in a hospital, we’re certainly glad
they exist when we need them.


But did you know that the Catholic Church
was the one to invent hospitals
as we know them today?

Early hospitals (we’re talking 4th century)
were called basiliasnamed for Saint Basil—
due to his efforts to establish health care
centers all over the Roman empire.


The world might be hostile
to the truths of the Faith and
the reality of God’s Church, but
the fact iswell, there are some
surprising facts out there.

101, to be precise.

And that’s just for starters.

It’s time to read something
that will delight and inspire you.


Let Fr. Meconi take you through 2,000 years
of amazing achievements by the Church
and her many sons and daughters.

Excellent details I had not
been aware of…great resource

Superb book, high quality and very informative.
The narrative is well written and the art work
wonderful. Highly recommend this book!

Filled with glossy images and
arranged chronologically, this is a
reliable guide through centuries of
Church figures, facts, and fun.

It’s the ultimate Catholic
coffee-table book.


Did you know…?

· It wasn’t Martin Luther who started the Reformation

· One Catholic signed the Declaration of Independence. Who was it?

· The “Devil’s Advocate” is a real position that is still held in the Church. What is this role for?

· There is a man whom the Church considers to be both a great teacher and a heretic. Can you guess who?

· The Catholic Church made great contributions to the study of mathematics. Find out how!

· Catholicism has inspired some of the world’s greatest art. (Michelangelo, anyone?)


“…the Catholic Church has survived
horrible popes and violent dictators, and
has been home to billions of sinners in need
of a community where they could finally
know love,”
 says Father Meconi.

“Each of us is surrounded by Catholic
events and images, often unaware of
how the Faith has formed our culture.”

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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

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