What is the Catholic Church’s teachings on doctrine & change/development? Apologetics {a Blog post with restricted word count reply by Patrick}


[1] Does the Catholic Church teach that all its teachings were always taught?

[2] It’s beliefs like the Immaculate Conception by the early Church?

[3] Or Original sin/ [4] Papal supremacy [5]/Purgatory

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Space here is restricted so I will be brief

  1. If by “teachings” you mean Doctrine and Dogma: NO

The roots of Catholicism date back some 4,000 years. About half in Old Testament Jewish-historical and learning curve accounts where Yahweh GOD made Himself known with a carrot & stick kind of formation, which lead to Jesus some 2,000 years ago.

“My Church” [Mt 16:18] began about 2,000 years ago in recorded history and is recounted both in secular history and the now 1,900 year old Original Bible,  which was fully authored by the end of the 1st Century & is a Catholic Book.

If you mean what we share in the Creeds; then nearly [NT] “always”. The Nicene Creed was approved[DEFINED] in the 1st Council of Nicea in 325 AD following Constantine’s Edict of Milan; freedom to practice religious beliefs. But the biblical beliefs were held long before that

The Church is Organic in nature; alive and ever growing in understandings as the Holy Spirit permits further right understanding. But once a Doctrine is Defined its root teachings are cemented and unchangeable and the same for Dogma’s

  1. Historical records can trace the Immaculate Conception belief to the mid-second century. But keep in mind that this was a NEW Religious-Faith in FORMATION; not like a light switch. First came the TASK of teaching belief in only One True GOD; then One True Faith and then One True Church; each part of a stair-stepped learning curve; and a darn difficult one at that. … Once Churches were formed and informed; only then could more of the Beauty of the RCC Faith be uncovered and developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. ALL THE WHILE under SEVERE persecution from both Rome and the Jewish High-priest
  2. Original sin dates back to the FALL of Adam and Eve which began in OT Jewish Tradition
  3. Flowed from OT times where Yahweh GOD always choose one MAN to lead His Chosen People:

Noah, Abraham, the Judges, the Kings like David & Solomon, the Prophets like Isaiah and Hosea, then John the Baptist who introduces Jesus, who FREELY choose the 12 Apostles [Mt 10:1-4], who later would choose Peter and give to HIM [and by absolute necessity his successors… “ALL of the key’s to heaven Gate.  GOOGLE List of Popes… compare Mt 10:1-8 to Mt 28: 19-20. It was Jesus Himself who Ordained Papal Succession [a recent theological term], GOOGLE the Early Fathers on the Papacy

The way a DOGMA becomes dogma is stair-stepped over time process

  1. 1st comes widespread beliefs & practice
  2. Next comes approval of same by a large and widely spread group of bishops and theologoans
  3. Then Rome is petitioned to declare such and such a DOCTRINE
  4. If and when Rome approves after much debate, discussion and PRAYER; the issue then becomes DEFINED Doctrine and a formal part of the Churches HS Inspired Teaching
  5. Later, most often because a Doctrine’s teaching are called into question; the POPE, Inspired by the HS can choose to declare it a DOGMA. …A DOGMA can also result from persistent and widespread REQUEST by the College of Cardinals and the worlds Bishops; always supported by theologians
  6. Purgatory was a held believe in OT times; BUT not with a full and correct understanding of it. 2 Maccabees 12: 36-46

In an absolute sense GOD need NOT have created Purgatory

Because God is Perfect so MUST a soul be to enter into the Beatific Vision [see God “face to face”] Duet.18:13 & Mt 5:48

GOD choose to CREATE Purgatory so that then MANY Souls who die with NO unforgiven Mortal sins; yet imperfect, could still after being purified attain heaven.

God Bless, Patrick

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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

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