A Convert Friend’s response to “Sola Scriptura”

“Again, it bears repeating, all heresies bear the name of fallen men. Only Catholicism can be traced back to the authorship and authority of Jesus Christ himself. All others claim a merely (sinful) human origin. Luther, Calvin, Cramer, Wesley, ad infinitum.  Rebellious humans create little cults of personality; Jesus Christ created The Church which St. Paul called “the pillar and bulwark of the faith”. Why align oneself with cheap imitations? Who would be a Lutheran when he could be a Christian? What seeker in his right mind would follow Calvin or Cranmer instead of Jesus? It makes no sense. I’ll take the Christianity of Jesus Christ, thanks. The teachings of lesser creatures hold no appeal for me! I pray that all believers who truly seek Jesus will find him where he is pleased to dwell, in the Church he ordained, created, and sustains.

Happy Christmastide, and a very Happy New Year! End quotes”
{irrefutable logic shared by a dear friend in response to a Lesson on “Sola Scriptura”. My friend is a Convert and a Church Historian.}

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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

3 thoughts on “A Convert Friend’s response to “Sola Scriptura””

  1. YEP!

    He founded it, established its hierarchy, and with tears today, still is very much present within it in His Sacraments; Notably the Most Holy Eucharist; the very REAL Divine Presence of Jesus Himself in Person….

    God Bless you and guide your life path,

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