Who Is God? a brief reflection by Patrick Miron


Who is God?

A Brief reflection by Patrick Miron

If I were to ask ‘Who is God”, undoubtedly every person reading this could in their own words, without reflection share a correct response.

But what if I changed the question to: Who is GOD for YOU?  … This question ought to cause pause for reflection.

FROM Father John A. Hardon’s S.J. Catholic Dictionary

GOD. The one absolutely and infinitely perfect spirit who is the Creator of all. In the definition of the First Vatican Council, fifteen internal attributes of God are affirmed, besides his role as Creator of the universe: “The holy, Catholic, apostolic Roman Church believes and professes that there is one true, living God, the Creator and Lord of heaven and earth. He is almighty, eternal, beyond measure, incomprehensible, and infinite in intellect, will and in every perfection. Since He is one unique spiritual substance, entirely simple and unchangeable, He must be declared really and essentially distinct from the world, perfectly happy in Himself and by his very nature, and inexpressibly exalted over all things that exist or can be conceived other than Himself” (Denzinger 3001).

Reflecting on the nature of God, theology has variously identified what may be called his metaphysical essence, i.e., what is God. It is commonly said to be his self-subsistence. God is Being Itself. In God essence and existence coincide. He is the Being who cannot not exist. God alone must be. All other beings exist only because of the will of God End quotes

So Father Hardon has shared “Who God is”; but leaves unanswered “Who is God for ME?”

From time to time, [not nearly often enough], I pause to contemplate that the God of the Universe; Thee GOD of the BILLIONS of stars, planets and galaxies; the inexplicable Order of the Universe, the very initiator and sustainer of life in all forms; but most remarkably; the cause of MY life. Prompts me to ask:

Why ME?

Why Now?

Why Here?

Each time I ask this, I come up with different answers. I puzzle how God can use me, an under educated, far from perfect person. Then I smile. God choose folks like ME to be His Apostles. Fishermen, tax collectors and common folks. So I marvel at God’s Wisdom. Being less educated, even less intelligent, means GOD gets the credit for all that I do and all the He is able to accomplish through me; and through you. I am but a conduit for the Holy Spirit.  That same Holy Spirit longs to use each of us if we are open to His promptings.

That this GOD, the God of every good thing can use me; and desires to be VERY Personally involved in my life; little ol’ ME; and in Our lives too when permitted is incomprehensible to me; but then I realize …. I don’t need to understand it; I merely have to acknowledge it with Great Gratitude and thanksgiving. To accept the reality that as unworthty as I am; I AM still a child of God, Created in His Image. I have worth only to the degree that I know, love, obey and serve Him and acknowledge His Sovereign right to be in control of all that I do.

Who is God for me? Everything!

May the Holy Spirit take control of your lives as well


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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

6 thoughts on “Who Is God? a brief reflection by Patrick Miron”

  1. Great post Patrick! When I think of God the first thought that always comes to my mind is, “love.” Another thing I always think about is He is my strength and balance in life. I always think about how He balanced the earth on it’s axis, if I will let Him, He will balance the chaos in my life as well.

    He is “Everything” Patrick. We have to let Him be. Again loved it and God Bless, SR

  2. Oh, how I love this post, Patrick. I believe you and I are kindred spirits by the way you explain the wonder that God can use you. I feel that eclxact same way so often. He chooses, we just follow with all we have within us. What a merciful God we serve.

    Be blessed

  3. Well, I am sure I cannot answer as so eloquently as those before me, none the less: I pray humility finds the keyboard before I. In all my readings of late, I find myself desiring to be, needing to be so much nothing, so much worthless, so much undesirable undeserving of any kind of substinance. Then, I think, that all this may very eell be true in comparrison to all those above us; however “God” in His infinite wisdom and control allows my free will to glorify Him thru everything that I am and that I am not. We all know the greatness of God. Every day we hear the over used statements of who God is: love, creator, infinite this that and the other. He is the infinite perfect all powerful chess master. And we: blessed to be the lowly pawns. Our blessings, our halters, our yolks, our pain and our joy all move across the board with only Him knowing our destination and our purpose. And then when perhaps we are fortunate enough to look back across the board: ah we see……the glory we have brought to Him and the love we have shewn His Queen and Mother.
    Blah blah blah My words do tend to wander, so sorry.
    Much Regard and Respect to You all

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