A Catholic Answers FORUM reply on the Primacy of Peter, by Pat Miron [PJM]


“I’m not a Protestant or non-Christian, so I guess my answer is a little different.

The short answer is I am not significantly convinced by any of the arguments for Petrine primacy. I’m not anti-papal or particularly prejudiced against it (I have generally warm feelings toward both living Roman Popes), but I also don’t think of it as necessary or nearly as clear as Catholic apologists believe.

The longer answer is that the Catholic Church considers me in good enough standing that I could inter-commune anyway, so I don’t feel particularly compelled to make any kind jurisdictional leap. (I haven’t and don’t commune in the Catholic Church.) My own view of the RCC and the sui juris churches is basically a reciprocation of what the catechism says about us.

But if I did feel like switching, the canonical issues are enough to give me pause, including the practical concern that my children would be moving from practicing in a Rite that has allowed them to commune since their baptism/chrismation to one where they would either have to stand out as the only children in the parish of their age who could commune or stop.”


Then, permit me to attempt to reply to your Primacy concerns. I’m at a disadvantage here not knowing what you have already been told & the space restrictions of this NEW CAF.

I just noticed I missed the age concern of your children and communion. In the RCC 1st Communion usually takes place around the age of reason [7]… earlier than that and they are only following along; NOT comprehending what it IS that they are doing.

I Can [space permitting] show you a list of 50 PETER first from the bible [IT CAN be GOOGLED] but check these out: Mt 10 1-3 [then read verses 4-8] & Mt 28:19-20], Mt 16:18-19, and John 21:10-17 ALL of which are to be taken literally.

It is notable that Jesus Choosing Peter was [dare I say “just”] following OT Tradition of Yahweh, who consistently choose 1 MAN to lead His “chosen people” Exo 6:7; which Jesus continues with Peter. “My Church” Mt 16:18

Yahweh choose Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Judges, the kings like David, the Prophets who lead to John the Baptist, who lead to Jesus who choose 12 MEN to be led by Peter, holder of THE KEY’S & His Authority Jn 17: 17-20

BUT my friend, the Pope does NOT operate in a vacuum; as the NORM, he works with, in and through the Magisterium, in union with the Cardinals and Bishops. The Pope can when circumstances call for it, ACT ALONE in teaching on Faith and Morals; but that is very rare. The Bishops too can speak infallibly when teaching on FAITH & Morals and in UNION [agreement/ non -contradictory] with Rome.

The Largest part of the Popes task is Governance of the Universal Church which serves through ROME a worldwide common community of beliefs for over one BILLION Catholics; so not unlike a worldwide corporation; there is a HIGH degree of delegation of his authority as is articulated in Canon Law: 331-359


PERSOANLLY, I struggle a bit understanding this concern. … Mt 16:15-19 seems to ME, to be precisely clear.

Mt 16: & the KEY”S too was following Traditions of that time & place. It was common then for each walled-in-city which did have gates with keys, to have a KING. Who choose a Visar, whom he gave the KEYS & unlimited power of Governance of that cities day to day business ANSWEABLE ONLY to that KING. This is precisely what Jesus knew and was passing on to PETER. And this was completely understood and accepted by ALL that witnessed the transfer of POWER from Jesus to PETER and shared later Mt 18:18 with the others THROUGH Peter.

I do hope and pray this is of help to you,

God bless you & your family,

Patrick [PJM]

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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

2 thoughts on “A Catholic Answers FORUM reply on the Primacy of Peter, by Pat Miron [PJM]”

  1. That was pretty word, and subject matter was all over creation. Suffice to say we have Apostolic Succession guided by the Holy Spirit. Again, another tradition that must be accepted in faith. I shake my head in bewilderment at people who say we follow blind faith; yet, they are unable to offer any proof if their own tradition
    Peace to you

    1. Our Faith is NOT completely blind, as we do have GOD guiding our Church and our very selves. Thus Hope and Love are too included with our faith.

      God Bless you,

      Papal succession is founded by Jesus Himself. Read Mt 10:1-8 and then Mt 28:18-20



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