Called; Chosen and Blessed by Patrick Miron


Called, Chosen & Blessed

A reflection by Patrick Miron


Sometimes in a private and reflective moment I ponder the disparity; the poverty of right-understanding, so evident in the Protestant camps when compared to Catholicism; fully understood and practiced..

The Bible, which as we know, or could know, is a Catholic Book. It was the early Catholic Fathers that guided by the Holy Spirit, selected the Old Testament text to be included, and it was in the age of Jesus’ visitation that the entire New Testament was authored, again inspired by Catholics through the Holy Spirit. So it ought not from a purely logical perspective, be a surprise that it is the Roman Catholic Church alone who is enabled, guided and protected in Her translations of it.

The evidence of this ought to be self-evident in the fact that after 2,000 years, those Churches identified with the RCC, still have but one single set of faith beliefs. While the more recent 500 year old; Reformation birthed churches; each identified by its own freely chosen set of “faith beliefs, have an ever growing number of churches in their multiplicity & diversity of “faith–beliefs.” And in doing so are factually denying “TRUTH”, which can be nothing other than singular per defined issue, leading them to ignore even basic logic. For even God cannot hold more than a single set of faith beliefs. So, asking again, what I have often posed: …. IF the RCC is not the One True Church and Faith of Jesus Christ, which one among the late-comers is? And based on what evidence?

The Bible is an abundant garden of clear; even precise teachings that are so often disguarded, ignored, misused and reinvented, leaving the many competing Christian Churches, starving for the very TRUTHS that they choose to deny or give NEW-and different birth too. Pope Benedicts XVI’s admonition that “there CAN”T be your truth and my truth, or there would be NO truths” shines dimly, if at all, in the cellar-minds of prideful men, who insist that the Almighty God accept what THEY have ordained and invented as there “truths”, solely because it suits them and their blocked understanding. …. And can’t, it would seem even grasp that they in doing so, place themselves in direct and personal opposition to God Almighty Himself.

Perhaps I have been a bit misleading thus far?

The message of this reflection is not primarily the privation of Protestant teachings, rather it is the seer generosity of our God towards the One true faith and Church that He founded, guides and protects; and even more so the Blessings He makes available to and through Her.

There are many advantages to being an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic. And it is a certainty of Divine Justice that being such is the surest path to merit one’s salvation.

We have been called; we ARE the Chosen people of Almighty God; to whom He bestows His Church, His Faith, His Love and His Mercy, and special Blessings to a degree found nowhere else on earth.

The questions each of must ask is: Are we aware of this? Do we know it? So we see it? Do we advantage it? Do we acknowledge it? Do we teach it and share it?

Grace for the most part is a mysterious free gift initiated by our God, which can be accepted or denied. It can be fully or partially applied and rightly or wrongly so.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about grace is that God by instituting the Seven Sacraments has made possible by invitation man’s ability to initiate; to start the free gift offer by and to the degree that we are aware, and then to the degree that we fully and actively participate in the actual grace flowing from and through the Sacraments. …. The amount of grace depends on the disposition of the minister of the Sacrament as well as our own dispositions.

God’s promise of the graces that the Sacraments generate is mostly dependent upon us; the minister and ME. [“Us”]….. When contemplated this is a unique and powerful manifestation of God’s love for us and His incredible faith in us, His Catholic Chosen People.

It is this faith, this love, this mercy that makes being an informed and fully practicing Catholic such a special and powerful Gift, making us beneficiaries of His overwhelmingly advantageous graces, and solidifying the unique association with our God. ….The known forgiveness of our sins and the opportunity to foresee; and even to foretaste heaven while here on earth in Catholic Holy Communion; Christ HIMSELF in person is too great, to sublime to profound to be taken casually.

Yes! We are called

Yes we are chosen!

Yes we are TRULY Blessed!

Do we know it? Do we acknowledge it? Do we live its reality?

Our God has more than done His part. Are we doing ours?




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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

One thought on “Called; Chosen and Blessed by Patrick Miron”

  1. Every1 is called BUT few are chosen. Have you got any signs and wonders. Mark 16. Being prophetic is a normal function of being a christian. Tongues and interpretation. Is easy. Dave Roberson walk in the spirit walk in power . or the believers authority. Definf the “single truth” when you function in the holy spirit

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