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How to Pray Continually

by danardoyle


If you have not been taking advantage of The Best Lent Ever, it is not too late.  The tips given are very practical – easy to put into practice right away – if you can “slay resistance!”  Yesterday, Matthew Kelly taught us how to pray continually as St. Paul commanded us in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  Personally, I have had some success with attaching prayer to daily routines – like turning the ignition in the car, or brushing my teeth.

Matthew suggested setting an alarm on your phone hourly and offering that hour’s  activity for a particular person or intention.  That way we are offering all that we do each day as a prayer.  My goodness, if everyone were doing this, can you imagine how that simple act would change the world?  If you don’t want to set an alarm, you could simply tell God an intention each time you begin a new task.

I tried this yesterday with an activity that is – let’s just say “distasteful” to me – like walking the dog in the cold, dark moonlight and picking up his poop in plastic baggies by flashlight.  Ugh!  Strangely, it seemed to take some of the displeasure away, knowing that someone was benefitting from it (besides the dog)!

So what are you waiting for?  We are already 15 days into Lent.  What little tweak can you make to your daily routine to break out of routine and make this your best lent ever.


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One thought on ““How to Pray Continually” Re-blogged”

  1. Wonderful article. Even when it is not lent, I pray when I’m in the tub, when I’m on the toilet, Yes I know that might sound terrible but I do now and then. I pray when people are cursing around me, when I see on the news where the young gang bangers are shooting and killing each other. I pray for the killers and sex abusers because I just don’t think many people will ever realize that these are the people Christ came for. I pray for ISIS and people I have never seen and probably never will. I love your idea. You are so right, if every body did this what a different world this would be. Love you, Brenda, your sister in Christ.

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