The Vote 2016: RESULTS by Patrick Miron


The Vote 2016: The Results

The results were far more anti-Clinton {the Democratic Parties agenda}, then it was clear evidence of a pure support of President elect Donald trump.

My dear friends in Christ;

Anyone, ANYONE who thinks prayers do not matter; that God is NOT in charge, or that doubts that the world last night witnessed a Miracle; needs to rethink their position.

Give THANKS to Almighty God and our Blessed Mother who clearly intervened in the outcome; demonstrating once again, Divine Mercy without measure.

The magnitude of the Trump victory, was and is a Victory for America as a Nation, and proffers HOPE for a return to a former-Moral-sanity in America. Long misdirected and legislated immorality has seen, we continue to pray, a meaningful setback.

The war is just begun, as the “popular vote” could yet be with supporters of the “anything goes” agenda crowd, albeit by a slim margin.

This is but the first round; a much needed temporary reprieve that must now be advantaged. President Elect Trump’s choices for high- office is the next hurdle, and will give the world a better understanding of this unfolding miracle.

God has granted US an opportunity to once again make “Moral Issues”  a reflection of what America holds dear. Keep praying daily for all of those in positions to affect this agenda.

God Bless America!

And thank you!


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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

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