“Marriage”: What WAS ain’t no more from a friend

Kenndy writes: 

Only in more recent years have psychiatrists and others recognized that sexual orientation is both a normal expression of human sexuality and immutable.”   
This I added:
Bwwwwaaaahahahahah! Yeah right
What really happened is that the APA made a POLITICAL decision to pretend that homosexual acts are not sexual perversion with serious physical, mental, and societal health consequences. There have been persistent rumors for decades that Kennedy suffered from bisexual perversion himself, so no big surprise he has this absurd interpretation of the history of the disorder. 
The ruling does two things. It does NOT expand the meaning of marriage. It obliterates it. Marriage, in the civil sense, no longer exists. If anything is marriage, than nothing is. Polygamy will be the law of the land within a year. Incest is already legal in some states. So, we elders can visit New Jersey, “marry” all of our grandkids, and circumvent the estate tax laws!! That would be one silver lining (just kidding…..there is no silver lining). 
The second thing this ruling does is to officially promote one form of religion (Humanism) to the disadvantage of all others. We now have a state religion, in violation of the !st Amendment. This decision has effectively repealed the 1st Amendment. In fact, certain religions are now officially unconstitutional, and therefore, certain tenets are outlawed. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, among others – perhaps Hinduism?, not sure – are now unconstitutionally until they are “amended” or “reformed”. There is already a Supreme Court case on point. Around 20 years ago, the Supreme Court held that Bob Jones University would lose it’s tax-free status as a religious institution if it forbade mixed-race marriages and did not provide housing for mixed race couples. So, that is now the law concerning same-sex couples, too. Any Catholic college that doesn’t provide on-campus housing to “married” same-sex couples is breaking the law. A Catholic retreat center that refuses to book a same-sex wedding is breaking federal law. The owners of that property (the diocese) will be liable for civil rights violation fines and punitive damages. 
The ruling is far worse than most people realize at this point. 

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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

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