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Post : Words of Wisdom
Posted : May 8, 2015 at 9:13 pm
Author : danardoyle
Categories : Blessed Sacrament, Catholic, eucharist, faith, Inspirational, Sacred Heart I’ve been reading a book called Jesus, King of Love by Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey. You know, I never really enjoyed reading as a kid. The only books I remember reading and enjoying were Judy Blume books. Do you remember those? Well, I think I didn’t enjoy reading, because I never found a genre I liked. Finally, I have. I like biography, Catholic nonfiction, and real life inspirational stories. I underline the words that “speak to me” so that I can go back and re-read those parts. Still, sad to say, I rarely finish a book. I’m a hopeless case:)

Anyway, this book I’m reading is filled with wisdom from Fr. Mateo:

“Sanctity is Jesus assimilated.”

“We are greatly mistaken if we think the value of an act depends on the act itself. It is worth only the love we put into it.”

“There are three loves which really constitute but one, namely: Love of the Eucharist, Love of the Cross and Love of Souls. You cannot separate them, nor can you have one to the exclusion of the others.”

“Opposition has always been and ever will be the divine seal upon all works…Such storms have never ruined a work dear to God, when the thoughts of the apostle were inspired by the great spirit of faith.”

In speaking of many Christians attitude toward Jesus and faith: “Remain in Your Tabernacle, O Lord, that we may live our family life as we wish, without Your intruding too intimately upon it.”

“Love is not loved. We do not sufficiently preach the love of Jesus Christ, and yet this love is not weak sentimentality. It is a love full of fire and life!”

“Call to the Master, hearken to Him and you will witness resurrections even more marvelous than that of Lazarus and conversions as wonderful and touching as that of Magdalen.”

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