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To believe that Jesus Christ is God, is to believe ipso facto that the creator of everything other than himself became a zygote; embryo; fetus (God the fetus . . . and you thought the infant of prague was weird), in the womb of a teenage Jewish girl.

It is to believe, to quote Augustine, that “Him whom the heavens cannot contain, the womb of one woman bore.” It is to believe that “She ruled our Ruler; she carried him in whom we are; she gave milk to our bread. ”

Pause your reading of this article for five minutes and consider the fact that God nursed at Mary’s breast. . . .

Who is this woman?

Hic taceat omnis lingua: Here let every tongue be silent.
Unique Relationship With Trinity
Your deepest identity, dear reader, is not your profession, nor is it your nationality, nor is it what anyone thinks about you save God. You are what you are before him and nothing else. Who are you? You are a son or daughter of God. One key difference between this woman and us is that she has a unique relationship with each person of the Blessed Trinity. Not only is she the daughter of God the Father, she is mother of God the son, and, in a profoundly mysterious way, the spouse of God the Holy Spirit.

Who is this woman?

Hic taceat omnis lingua : Here let every tongue be silent.
A Mystery
“What does it mean to be mother? What does it mean to be God? What does it mean to be Mother of God? To combine in a single phrase the most mysterious concept of the created order with the essential mystery of the uncreated (the one and triune God) is in a sense to confront oneself with the most startling mystery of “our theology”

Who is this woman?

Hic taceat omnis lingua: Here let every tongue be silent.
St. Louise De Montfort’s Prayer to Mary
Hail Mary, beloved Daughter of the Eternal Father! Hail Mary, admirable Mother of the Son! Hail Mary, faithful spouse of the Holy Ghost! Hail Mary, my dear Mother, my loving Mistress, my powerful sovereign! Hail my joy, my glory, my heart and my soul! Thou art all mine by mercy, and I am all thine by justice. But I am not yet sufficiently thine. I now give myself wholly to thee without keeping anything back for myself or others. If thou still seest in me anything which does not belong to thee, I beseech thee to take it and to make thyself the absolute Mistress of all that is mine. Destroy in me all that may he displeasing to God, root it up and bring it to nought; place and cultivate in me everything that is pleasing to thee.

May the light of thy faith dispel the darkness of my mind; may thy profound humility take the place of my pride; may thy sublime contemplation check the distractions of my wandering imagination; may thy continuous sight of God fill my memory with His presence; may the burning love of thy heart inflame the lukewarmness of mine; may thy virtues take the place of my sins; may thy merits be my only adornment in the sight of God and make up for all that is wanting in me. Finally, dearly beloved Mother, grant, if it be possible, that I may have no other spirit but thine to know Jesus and His divine will; that I may have no other soul but thine to praise and glorify the Lord; that I may have no other heart but thine to love Godwith a love as pure and ardent as thine I do not ask thee for visions, revelations, sensible devotion or spiritual pleasures. It is thy privilege to see God clearly; it is thy privilege to enjoy heavenly bliss; it is thyprivilege to triumph gloriously in Heaven at the right hand of thy Son and to hold absolute sway over angels, men and demons; it is thy privilege to dispose of all the gifts of God, just as thou willest.

Such is, O heavenly Mary, the “best part,” which the Lord has given thee and which shall never be taken away from thee–and this thought fills my heart with joy. As for my part here below, I wish for no other than that which was thine: to believe sincerely without spiritual pleasures; to suffer joyfully without human consolation; to die continually to myself without respite; and to work zealously and unselfishly for thee until death as the humblest of thy servants. The only grace I beg thee to obtain for me is that every day and every moment of my life I may say: Amen, So be it–to all that thou didst do while on earth; Amen, so be it–to all that thou art now doing in Heaven; Amen, so be it–to all that thou art doing in my soul, so that thou alone mayest fully glorify Jesus in me for time and eternity.


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