Communion Questions and Concerns and catholic Teachings by Pat Miron

Hi Patrick,

Wanted to post in with another “update,” and even a question (at the end)!

It turns out the Sacramental Program at our Church was previously carried out by an older retired couple. Seems the Priest(s) decided it was time to give them their retirement, and thats how my Supervisor at school came to be in charge. The program starts this week.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see the Priest today, as he was “rained out” of town (both this week and last). Actually, this week, the detrimental weather in the last 2-3 weeks has caused severe damage to the roads, and has started some old rivers flowin’ again! As one of the Parishioners said at the beginning of the service, “Father can swim through the river, but his Toyota Camry cannot. So, there will be a Communion Service this morning.”

Still an opportunity for God’s Grace, even when not receiving Holy Communion. “where two or three gathered in MY NAME, there am I”…Matthew 18:20 “For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Getting back on subject, it seems the RCIA will take a slightly “extraordinary” course, due to our remote location. The baptism will occur before September, when the Parish Bishop will be visiting for Confirmation(s), instead of next Easter. I suppose this has to do with our geographic isolation and relative expense of travelling about willy-nilly.


Unusual but not unheard of. That was the norm for the VERY-early Church. And Baptism along with The Eucharist and Confirmation ARE the 3 necessary Sacraments for entry into the RCC.

The question I have for you Patrick regards the Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers. It seems that the practice of using lay persons (including Women and Married persons) actually defies the “law” of the Church… Particularly the regular usage of such persons…


No, not the “Laws” as modified by and through “Indults” granted to permit this very act. It is NOT what Rome desires, but became a forced issue following the numerous modifications; NOT “in the Law”, BUT “in the spirit” of Vatican II. It was introduced as a “Vatican II mandate” but was NO such thing. However, it quickly became the “Norm: pretty much world-wide; and Rome couldn’t “return the genie back into the old bottle.” So Rome issued Legal Indults to permit it. It is NOW up to the local Ordinary [Bishop] to permit it or not.


In MY OWN very conservative opinion; but shared by some very holy people like Mother Theresa of Calcutta; Mother Angelica, Founder of EWTN, My mentor Servant of God Father John A. Hardon SJ, and Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke; who is the “prefect” [Head of the Roman Curia’s ‘Apostolic Signatura [high court of the RCC], just Sainted John Paul II and others of less renown, More than any other single action, this leads and HAS led to MASSIVE unbelief in the Real Presence. It is again In MY personal opinion, a greater travesty than even the priest-pedophiles.  The receiving HOLY COMMUNION in one’s hand, rather than on ones tongue, while both valid and licit; is theologically akin to “taking” Christ or “Receiving Christ”. Quite a significant difference.  As a FYI, I do not cover this in the lessons, as both practices have been made both licit and valid.


As my Church falls into this category of using such persons fairly regularly when the Priests are not visiting, I’m wondering if this is defying Church teaching or not. At least, in my understanding, this relates to some sort of “defiance” that has propagated throughout the Church, but it also concerns lay-people “abusing” the Body and Blood of Christ.


If this is your churches normal practice ONLY when the priest is not available; you’re a very Blessed and lucky guy!

That leads me to another question, which isn’t relevant for me for some time yet – It also seems that receiving the Host in one’s hands is another means of defiance and defamation of Christ, started by the Dutch (I can’t recall the reason), and that one should instead receive on the tongue, and not be touching the Host.


Yea, BUT! Keep in mind that the RCC is nearly 2,000 years old [young actually]. And in that time span has experienced many “practices” [neither of the points you raised are Doctrine or Dogma’s; rather they are changeable church “practices.” But after some use of Holy Communion in the hands; it was determined that the RISK for profaning Christ outweighed whatever benefits were thought to exist, so the practice was prohibited  until after Vatican II.


Not mentioned here is the ALSO NEW post-Vatican II, of Holy Communion being NOW pretty much the NORM under BOTH Species. A topic discussed and voted down in Vatican II, but nevertheless, introduced as “a mandate.” This too has been grated Indults, BUT is NOT desired by Rome. The “Total Christ” is PRESENT in and under the species of “bread-alone” and every tiny particle of it. And, the same with the Wine, NOW Christ Blood. It is an unnecessary duplication. And on EWTN only the Consecrated Bread [the sacred holt] is available for the Communicates. As a FYI; I personally will try to receive ONLY from a Priest or Deacon; and never takes the cub of “Blessings” unless it is a Priest or deacon. I also Genuflect before receiveing.

Thanks for your help, and God Bless You!

Take care,

God Bless you too my friend,



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