A Friends understanding of Pope Francis

“This is comforting. Reading reminded me that Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Which means he understands the Ignatian practices very well. Well, one of the basic teachings of St. Ignatius is that the First Thing must come before the Second Thing. I think that is what Pope Francis is saying that before we can accomplish any good in the culture (concerning abortion, ssa etc), we must first align ourselves with Jesus Christ and worship and glorify him. We must love God before we can love our neighbors. So, I think that may be a key to understanding what Pope Francis is saying. I think he is calling us to come to Christ FIRST. And then, if we turn to Christ, all these other things will be added – a growing sense of holiness, a dawning understanding that you can’t murder children, and so forth.” 

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I am an Informed and fully practicing Roman Catholic

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